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Are you ready for some serious RP?
Immersive RP without OOC chatter in local on the game floor, the kind of RP that your character can either freeform or you can use the free custom HUD. This multi level RP has everything from humans to shape shifting cannibals to mer and more....

**FREE custom Meter/HUD 
**Para RP with dice rolls and hud control 
**Inexpensive RP housing rentals available
**NO applications to play (except Dayuk Tribe)
**Storytellers/Senior players there to help NOT control your RP


Interested now? OK, Here's a peek into the story....

Lore tells the story of a man named Misson that led a band of pirates who's motto was "For Life and Liberty," and its flag was white, in contrast to a Jolly Roger. They were anarchists, waging war against states and lawmakers, attacking their ships, sparing prisoners, and freeing slaves. ....they called themselves.....the Liberi and settled off the coast of Madagascar on Akanga Island hidden in the isles away from government.


Kingdom Crash

Upon one of their many travels, Misson came upon a dangerous item that shifted the course of time as it was known. He carried the deep secrets of this item to his death, where they say he returned the burden of its great power to the ancient Dayuk Tribe, leaving only a select unknown few with the knowledge of its whereabouts. 


Dragon Dragoon

Have you the courage to join the Liberi or even so be an enemy and start your own faction?  Perhaps you find yourself one of the ancients from the Dayuk Tribe or one of the jungle villagers who fear them? Find  the desert dwellers more to your liking or are you the opposite and choose deep below the waters? 


Battle Stage

Find your story in Akanga Island:Liberi Isles where mermaids, beasts, shape shifters, humans, creatures of the night and so much more can only be left to your imagination...

Settle in the Isles...

Build your Faction...

Make your choice.....

What will you do?